Best Things About BMW Cars: A Comprehensive Guide

Best things about BMW

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the best things about BMW cars, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss everything from performance and design to features and benefits. We’ll also take a look at what makes BMW cars stand out from the competition. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or just interested in learning more about BMWs, this blog post has something for everyone!

Here are things that make BMW so great!

1. The Ultimate Driving Machine:

BMW has put passion and performance into every one of its machines since it was first founded by Karl Friedrich Rapp in 1917. There is no other car company with the same combination of luxury, speed, power, sports cars, underdog family sedans, SUVs, compact wagons…the list goes on. Everything they build is a masterpiece of engineering that will keep you coming back for more even after your fifth or tenth Bimmer* (*BMW slang).

2. German Engineering:

It isn’t called the ultimate driving machine for nothing. If you’ve ever driven a Bimmer then you know what this means–it handles like it’s on rails. The steering is sensitive, but not too sensitive. It accelerates with the throttle pedal perfectly placed for your foot and has a smooth-shifting manual or automatic transmission that you can leave in auto mode or control manually with paddle shifters if you want.

 Best Things About BMW Cars

3. Cutting Edge Technology:

More than just German engineering, BMW never fails to put out cars with cutting-edge technology that is always ahead of its time. Whether it’s adjustable suspension, laser headlights, intelligent autonomous driving features…BMW keeps pushing the envelope of what cars are capable of doing while still being enjoyable to drive without all the electronic bells and whistles.

4. Good Looks:

There’s no getting around this–BMW’s exterior and interior design is absolutely timeless. You can buy a new model in 2018 and it will look perfectly at home next to the cars that come out in 2028.

5. Good Mileage:

BMWs get great gas mileage for their size and power output (power-to-weight ratio). For example, the M5 has a V10 engine putting out 560 horsepower yet gets 19 mpg combined city/highway driving! However, you have to decide between good mileage or great performance because the only way to get great MPG from a powerful car is with an automatic transmission…which isn’t half bad since BMW’s DCT transmissions are some of the fastest dual-clutch transmissions ever made.

 Best Things About BMW Cars

6. Smooth Riding:

A lot of car companies sacrifice smoothness and comfort for better handling, but BMW has figured out a way to make their cars handle like a dream without sacrificing the ride. My first road trip in an M3 consisted of curvy mountain roads and I was absolutely blown away by how comfortable and smooth the ride was for such a powerful sports car…I no longer wish I got one with leather seats!

7. Proper Sportscar Styling:

BMWs are sportscars, yet aren’t too crazy looking like supercars. They have luxurious interiors and smooth styling with enough performance to satisfy the most hardcore driving enthusiasts.

8. Intelligent Autonomous Driving Technology:

Most cars can be put in auto mode these days, but they usually just allow you to accelerate and brake while the car takes care of steering…BMW is taking this concept much further by allowing their new models to fully drive themselves when the car deems it necessary (such as staying in your lane on a highway or parallel parking) or even when it’s more fun (like in sports modes where its always in manual mode). The system is called iDrive AI and is available on most new BMW models.


9. Underdog Power:

We all know that big powerful SUV are cool and flashy, but not everyone can afford one–BMW’s SUVs like the X3 and the X1 provide luxury for your buck with plenty of power (even though it isn’t blatantly obvious).

10. Vintage Styling:

Last but certainly not least, the vintage styling of their older cars is unbeatable. You can always recognize a BMW from miles away by that distinct kidney-shaped grille or round headlights. Plus you can get some pretty good deals on them due to depreciation because everyone wants an old BMW now whether they’re rare classics or just numbers matching!

11. BMWs are super reliable –

It goes without saying that they are amazing cars. They have a few minor quirks here and there, but the overall experience of driving one will likely be your favorite car to drive ever!

12. Great Handling:

BMWs handle exceptionally well for being so big. When I drove my friend’s Mustang, it felt like I was always on edge because of how twitchy it was…BMWs are smooth and responsive, which is why you want them if you’re interested in taking corners quickly or lane splitting.

great handling of BMW

13. Easy To Fix :

Many older models are easy to work on yourself if you know how to fix cars. You can find lots of guides online that will walk you through the process step-by-step. This is great when it comes time for your 50,000-mile service or when something breaks after the warranty expires. Just replace parts with the same part number at any parts store and save tons of money over dealership prices.

14. Everyone loves them:

Ask anyone in America what their favorite car is, I guarantee they’ll say “BMW”. It’s one of those rare breeds of cars whose brand has become synonymous with its product…you don’t even need to say the name because everyone knows what you’re talking about it!

15. They have a wide range of models:

From the luxurious 7-series to the performance-driven M3, BMW has a wide variety of cars that impress in every way imaginable. You can choose from an SUV or hatchback if those are your jam as well as sedans and sports cars. If you’re looking for something older like an E30 (see below), they’ve got plenty of those as well!

16. Great All Round Performance:

Most car companies offer specific vehicles with great horsepower or perfect MPG, but BMW manages to make their cars perform well in every category and price point…you’ll never find yourself wanting more power when it comes time to buy a new one.

Great All round perfomance

17. They’re timeless classics:

I don’t know how it happened, but BMW was able to keep their brand classic without changing too much. The E30 3-series is a perfect example of this with its great performance and nearly identical styling from the 80s! Compared to other cars from that era which look outdated by comparison…it’s incredible.

18. Great Dealership service:

Even though they have a few quirks here and there, BMW dealerships are generally very nice places to take your car for maintenance or repairs–the wait time is minimal compared to most American car dealership services as well as higher quality parts being used.

Great Dealership services.

19. Will last forever:

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these things will run for hundreds of thousands of miles if you give them even the slightest bit of TLC. I’ve seen examples of BMWs breaking 400,000+ miles with nothing but regular oil changes and good care…they truly are built to last!

20. Most models come with a warranty:

Even an entry-level 3-series or 1-series still comes standard with the same warranty as to their $70k counterparts–BMW knows that they build great products so they’re not gonna screw their customers over by offering subpar coverage after just purchasing.

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