Interesting Facts About BMW That You Probably Didn’t Know


Did you know that the first BMW was built in 1917? Or that the company started out as an aircraft manufacturer? These are just a few of the interesting facts about BMW. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 more fascinating facts about this iconic automobile company. Whether you are a fan of BMW or not, you will find these facts interesting!

Top 17 Interesting Facts About BMW

There are a few jaw-dropping facts below that most people aren’t aware of. 

1) BMW Logo

The blue-and-white roundel that you see on almost every car today was first introduced in 1917. It was designed by Franz Josef Popp who drew inspiration from the circular design of a plane’s engine valve.

The logo itself also contains many hidden messages and symbolism: Blue and white colors represent Bavaria while red color represents Germany. The company name “Bayerische Motoren Werke” has 24 letters, which is exactly how many letters are there in roundel when you count them carefully. There are also 3 layers to the roundel if it were to be cut through along with six stars that form an internal hexagon shape.

BMW Logo - Interesting Facts About BMW

2) 6-Star Icon on BMW Roundel

One more interesting fact about this symbol is its iconic status in aircraft history as it used to be painted at the front of almost every plane. In addition to that, the company also owns another independent subsidiary called BMW Motorrad. It is a motorcycle manufacturer that produces motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

3) The First Plane Made by BMW

BMW together with Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG have built the first plane in history that was powered by a gas turbine engine. It is called Junkers Jumo 004 and it was built in 1943.

However, neither company ever gained profit from their planes because of technical difficulties and external events which lowered demand for new planes after WWI. The only planes they have successfully sold to customers were propeller-powered engines… until the next year 2017 when BMW I announced their latest model, BMW i3… Which will be available for the public on November 16th this year.

5) The First Electric Car Produced by BMW

In 1972, the German car manufacturer has finally made its first electric car called the BMW 1602. Both the car’s exterior design and interior are made from sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact.

It also has a very lightweight body frame with carbon fiber. This is where most of its power comes from as it generates 143 horsepower, which is more than enough for daily use.

The First Electric Car Produced by BMW- Interesting Facts About BMW

6) The First V12 Engine Made by BMW

BMW is actually the first company that has ever built an engine that uses all of its cylinders in one row instead of two rows side-by-side like what every other European manufacturer have done back then.

The first time they did was in 1917 when they introduced their M2B15 V12 engine. It wasn’t until 1932 when another company, Maybach, has decided to follow BMW’s design with their engine called Maybach HL230.

7) The First V16 Engine

However, the first company that has used V16 in their car is Bugatti with their Type 35 in 1928. It has become one of the most infamous racing cars back then because it can achieve 100km per hour (62 mph) faster than any other regular car.

8) The Most Expensive Car Made by BMW

One more interesting fact about this luxury German car is its price tag… Or more specifically, how much they cost in US dollars when you convert them into regular currency. The currently most expensive BMW model in history is none other than Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. When converted into US dollars, the price is about $760,000.

The Most Expensive Car Made by BMW -

9) The Most Expensive Car Sold at Auction

This car was first made available in 1955 and it has exhibited a lot of technological changes ever since then. Some example of that includes a much larger dashboard and a much more powerful engine with the capability to achieve 185km per hour.

The most expensive BMW sold at an auction is none other than this magnificent model called Alpina B 10 3.5 Touring. It was sold for an astonishing price of $1,520,000 which makes them one of the most expensive cars ever made back then.

10) BMW Museum – Interesting Facts About BMW

There is a BMW museum in Munich, Germany which features all types of models created by the company over the years. Some of them are about their motorcycles and automobiles as well as engines and materials used to make one… Last but definitely not least… It also contains most of their iconic roundel logos throughout history.

BMW Museum

11) They Still Produce WWII Era Parts

Although it is no longer available for public use or commercial sale, BMW still produces parts for WWII-era motorcycles…

They are called R75 models and they are also known as The Workhorse of the Wehrmacht. It became famous because it was used by both sides of the conflict, including German soldiers fighting against American soldiers.

12) They Own an Advertising Company

BMW owns another independent company called EuroPlacement which specializes in automotive community advertisement. Their clients include Ford, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Chrysler among others —

13) They Own a Car Rental Company

In fact, this company is one of the largest in Europe. It’s called Sixt and it specializes in renting out luxury vehicles like BMW… They use only the latest models including their 4-door sedans.

14) Their Headquarters are Based in Munich, Germany

BMW’s corporate headquarters are based in Munich, Bavaria where they also receive most of their automotive parts from. This site has also become one of the largest industrial sites throughout Germany.

15) Their Previous Logo was an Emblem of Two Wheels

Their previous logo is actually an emblem made up of two wheels, specifically motorcycles. The interesting part about this logo is that it hasn’t changed ever since the creation of BMW back then16) Their Logo is Inspired by one of Their Cars… But Not the One You Think

Many people think that their logo was inspired by one of their car models, specifically the roundel emblem on most of its production line. This is not true though because that emblem was actually introduced from 1917 until 1925.

BMW logo history - Interesting Facts About BMW

17) BMW Is an Abbreviation for Bavarian Motor Works

The word Bavarian has nothing to do with the state’s residents but rather it’s about where this company originated from – Germany. Also, this abbreviated version of their full name has become so popular that they even made a tagline out of it which is Be More WOW.


BMW is a popular luxury car brand that has been around for many years. While most people know about the basics of the company and its cars, there are some interesting facts about BMW that you may not have known. In this article, we’ve provided five such facts for your reading pleasure. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in! Did any of these facts surprise you? If so, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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